Welcome to AKA Team

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, The AKA Team  is a full service firm that serves a diverse client base in Northeast Ohio, offering quality construction management, self-performance construction, commercial waterproofing and commercial cleaning. The AKA Team offers comprehensive services that are designed to allow the customer to do whatever it takes to finish a project. Our mission is to provide superior construction solutions in an innovative and collaborative environment through the company motto – Always Known As the TEAM you can depend on.

Since 2009, we have concentrated on not only building brick and mortar, but building relationships with clients and furthering our staff capabilities. Every day, we work to strengthen these relationships. We achieve this by maintaining the quality of our construction methods and the value of our professionalism, while  ensuring consistent, successful delivery on all of our projects.

We are a vertically integrated organization, composed of a variety of business units organized around industry sectors with over 30 employees in the field and office. The AKA Team offers comprehensive services that are designed to allow the company to perform services from pre-construction to post-construction.  The business units are very diverse, and each unit specializes in its own core industry. This structure allows each division to operate and develop expertise based on the demands of its specific industry. It also provides stability for the company as market forces vary within different sectors.