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AKA Construction Management Team ensures that the collaboration among contractor, design team and owner offers effective controls.  Planning a construction project takes the integrated efforts of several individuals, each with varying experiences, knowledge and expectations.

The AKA Team captures the vision of these parties and unites them as an integrated team, devoted to success through:

  • Project Management
  • Cost Management
  • Scheduling
  • Quality Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Safety Management
  • Contract Administration

The AKA Team is committed to understanding the needs and expectations of all the players in the process. We work together with design consultants, financial planners and other professionals to assure your project success. The AKA Team is an extension of all of our clients and we work closely with you to determine client needs by ensuring we are Always Known As the TEAM you can depend on.

Our job is to make sure the construction process leads to a result that accurately reflects the clients´ objectives, so we begin every project with a clear, concise statement of challenges, opportunities, scope and budget. We do this by delivering the best possible construction and management services. That allows us to keep everyone on the same page and keep the project moving in the right direction at the right pace. Our systems, people, and technology in all aspects of the business help us ensure each project runs smoothly – on time and on budget.

The AKA Team  projects both completed and current focus on both new construction as well as industrial, commercial, or office renovations to meet new standards.

Our emphasis is in the following sectors:

Higher Education….today’s advanced learning institutions demand world-class construction

Healthcare…from hospital complexes to clinic settings and modernization projects

K-12 Education…function has to meet design with ever-tightening budgets

Commercial, Museums and Recreational…sometimes brand new; sometimes a renovation; all the time unique