“AKA Construction Management Team, Inc has proven to be a solid partner on a number of projects, most recently The Cleveland Museum of Art and Eaton World Headquarters Project. The AKA Team’s proactive attention to quality, schedule, budget and safety is commendable.  Both the on-site and management team were well-informed of all daily activities and provided excellent support to the projects. The Cleveland Marble Mosaic Co. is very pleased with partnering with The AKA Team on these exciting projects and look forward to working with them in the future.” 

Dan Ulmer, Project Manager, Cleveland Marble and Mosaic Co.


“The AKA Team has been a client of Minority Business Solutions since 2008. Ariane Kirkpatrick has been an active participant in our Contractor Education Forums. I am proud to have watched her start her business from the beginning and grow to where she is today. When the Cleveland MedMart project began, Ariane jumped at the opportunity to travel to the Merchandise Mart Properties in Chicago for a tour and meeting with then president, Chris Kennedy. She was adamant in getting a feel for the project and felt that the visit would give her a greater appreciation of the construction project. The AKA Team is definitely an asset to any project they are a part of.”  

Arlene Anderson, President, Minority Business Solutions


“The hard work and dedication of all The AKA Team employees helped make this wonderful project a success is evident by their willingness to provide the Cleveland Museum of Art with a level of professionalism that is simply put, first rate.” 

Jeffrey Hutchison, Project Executive, Gilbane Co.


Thanks for all your good work for OCP at the Cleveland Art Museum.  Your people were prompt, courteous and professional.  I know you were put under some pressure to load the job with manpower in order to meet the strict deadlines the museum had placed on us.  I appreciated the open communication while working together. 

Kevin Street, Estimator, OCP